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Learn the basics of storytelling, plot development, dialogue, and more. After taking the writer's room path, or the core intensive path, we empower you with the ability to submit your script to our producers' marketplace to be optioned!

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Add one-on-one coaching to either course offering and enjoy personalized guidance, mentorship, and support from tv and film regulars.
Core Deluxe

4 Sessions:January 9th, 16th, 23th, and 30th @2PM EST

Core Class for Originality in Film and TV.
At the end of the class, you have the Added bonus of being able to submit a script of your choice to our exclusive Producers’ marketplace, where your script will be seen by international producers, getting you one step closer to making money from your unique work!

4 Sessions:December 6th, 13th, 20th, and 29th @2PM PST

Core Class for Dialogue in Film and TV.
Learn to write each character’s specific dialogue, avoiding a blur of characters that all speak the same exact way. You will also learn how to use dialogue to move your storyline along, without being obvious or bulky. Whether a novice, or seasoned, nailing this skill is the key to success.
 Join WoAccelerator for a deep dive into the fundamentals of VR and and Video Game Script Development.

Coming January 2022

VR Class
Understand the basic fundamentals of VR, AR and and how it differs from your traditional screenplay format. The next generation of consoles are primed to give users amazing virtual reality and sensory experiences not previously available. In the class, you’ll understand the unique difference between XR, VR, AR, and a Video Game Script.