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Writers Ask:

The Writer’s Room is a six month program designed to boost screenwriters’ careers through intensive classesbreak out sessions, and continuous support. By the end of the program, you’ll have the opportunity tosubmit production-ready scripts to our marketplace exclusively for producers around theworld (Industry Talk for: SELL YOUR SCRIPT)

The program itself is free. Seriously. When your script goes on our marketplace to be optioned, we don’t make any money unless you do. It’s that simple.

Yes, anyone can apply, but space is limited and each application and writing sample will be thoroughly evaluated based on the current market and overall writing skill.Lorem ipsum...

Intensives are four week programs, focused on refining certain writing skills, for a fee. They are open to anyone.

At the end of the intensive, you are invited to submit one finished script to our marketplace, offering you a rare opportunity to have your work seen by producers around the world, and ultimately, to be optioned.

Producers Ask:

Yes, there is a small monthly fee for WoAccelerator membership. This gives you access to theMarketplace and the ability to view and option never before seen scripts.

We vet every writers and script before accepting their application to the marketplace. Our writers have undergone intensive training, have worked with leaders in the industry, and have undergone a careful review process that ensures the script you option has a viable place in the market and won’t need years of fine-tuning.

Yes, we are more than a platform for emerging, independent producers. We understand union requirements and are happy to accommodate them.