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For screenwriters looking to put their best work right in front of producers from around the world.


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To get into the marketplace and start uploading your scripts, you have to choose one of the following routes.


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Should have:

  • Taken any of our screenwriting courses.
  • Successfully completed at least one course.
  • Invited to submit your best scripts.
  • Got your script reviewed and accepted.

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  • Should be a professional screenwriter.
  • Written an original script with a unique story.
  • Got your script reviewed and accepted.
  • Have to hit a 30 out of 36 score to gain access.

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You’ll get:

  • Year-long access to the marketplace.
  • Get Access to course schedules.
  • Exclusive invite only through application.
  • Designed for writers who are at the top of their game.
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Have access to great scripts with engaging concepts, characters, stories, and plot. Whatever script genre you need, you will find a pipeline of high-quality projects with which to work.

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For producers looking for screenplays with a high concept story and a clear market.


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You can get in as an independent producer or a production house.


Credit card not required

What you’ll get

  • Beta Testing access to our marketplace.
  • Access to scripts with general availability.
  • Choose any of the option terms.
  • Extend with 6 months or end term


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What you’ll get

  • Beta Testing access to our marketplace.
  • Access to general availability + Early access.

  • Choose any of the option terms.
  • Extend with 6 months or end term.
  • Ability to create commissioned work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

How does the marketplace work for producers?

Using our highly customizable search engine, you can search for the script genre you want. You'll see the available scripts during your search and can access them based on your subscription package. It's fast, easy, and efficient.

I just finished writing a screenplay. Will you help me sell it?

Yes. We will review your screenplay to ensure that it is marketplace-worthy, and then you can publish it to the marketplace once it's passed our standards. To do this, you have to subscribe to our Direct Path package.

How do I contact writers?

Access to the writers in our WoWriters Room is exclusively invite-only.

What is my legal protection?

Before publishing scripts on our marketplace, all writers and producers will sign a release form.