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Put your best work right in front of producers from around the world and receive payments in full once a producer purchases your script.

Access To Marketplace

Once you apply, we review and approve, and you get access to the marketplace.

Submit Unlimited Scripts

You can submit any genre to the marketplace and it will be approved based on our screenwriters' vetting standards.

Sell Your Scripts

Publish your best work and get paid when a producer or filmhouse options or purchases your treatment or script.

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Increase the chances of your script being sold by joining our marketplace. We accept applications from talented, diverse writers from all over the world.

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For screenwriters looking to take advantage of our marketplace feature and trade/put their best work right in front of producers from around the world.


Upload your best script and fill in the needed information.

Await Review

Our team will verify if your script meets the required standards.


If your script passes, make payment and publish it to the marketplace.

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Receive payments in full once a producer makes a purchase.

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Join our exclusive program designed for screenwriters who are at the top of their game. Our invite-only Room offers you the necessary resources and tools to hone your skills for both film and television.

Learn from Pros

Learn how to fine-tune your ideas and learn the ins and outs of successfully pitching producers.

Free Access to Marketplace

When you join WoWriters Room, you will get FREE access to submit unlimited scripts to WoMarket.

Access Free Resources

Gain access to free resources from our courses and learn how to creatively write original scripts.

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How about WoFoundations?

Are you not ready to join our room yet and get all these benefits? How about taking a single course to fix just one part you are interested in? Say originality? Take advantage of our courses and one-on-one coaching sessions to hone your skills and give your screenwriting career the momentum it needs.

Course Packages

Intensive Courses

In these courses you will learn:

  • The principles of screenwriting.
  • How to create memorable characters.
  • Narrative structure and storytelling.
  • How to write marketable scripts.
Deluxe Courses

In these courses you will learn:

  • Learn the playbook for writing and creating hit TV and films.
  • Discover the process of finding and creating original script ideas.
  • Receive one-on-one coaching sessions with an instructor.
  • Get access to our exclusive Producers' marketplace.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Join WoWriters Room?

Screenwriters may apply by submitting a script and application here ( link to WoWriter Room). Our Room space is limited, and each application and writing sample will be thoroughly evaluated based on the current market and overall writing skill. We will send you an email once your application is reviewed.

I just finished writing a screenplay. Will you help me sell it?

We will review your screenplay to ensure that it is ready for the marketplace, and then you can publish it to the marketplace once it's passed our standards. To do this, you have to subscribe to our Direct Path package (link to Direct Path package).

What can I expect from the courses?

All sessions are interactive. The instructor will lecture for 45 minutes and in the remaining minutes, the instructor will engage with participants and answer any questions they may have. At the end of each session, you may be given special assignments to complete before your next session.

What if I don't want to join the Room or Take the course?

You can submit your script to WoMarket by applying to the Direct Path(link to Direct Path). If the application process is successful, you can submit your scripts to the Marketplace.