Smash the Status Quo

Quit pitching and praying. Pair up with some of the best screenwriters in the business to fine tune your ideas, learn the ins and outs of successfully pitching producers, and gain confidence in yourself, your script, and your future.

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Why WoWritersRoom

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You’re Stuck

If you are having a hard time writing a script with an original concept and compelling story. WoWriters Room is fashioned to turn your story around.

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Non-Sellable Script

Packed with intensive core and deluxe courses designed to sharpen your skills for the most current film and television marketplace today!

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Trying To Break Into The Industry

Leverage a network of writers who are at the top of their game in their screenwriting craft for an exclusive 6 months of intensive training and collaboration.

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Hard To Sell Your Script

Are you having a tough time selling your scripts? WoWriters Room gives you the opportunity to put your screenplays in front of world-class producers.

Grow with WoWriters Room

Join our exclusive program designed for writers around the world who are at the top of their game in their screenwriting craft. WoWriters have the ability to sell in our marketplace and have access to a year-long course schedule, as well as peers- invite only.



WoWriters Room Benefits at a Glance

Our Room offers you the necessary resources and tools to hone your skills for both film and television.

Have one-on-one support and the opportunity to write scripts from new ideas and develop creative confidence.

Learn how to creatively write original scripts and become proficient in writing great Film and TV dialogues.

Have free access to our marketplace and put your best work right in front of producers from around the world.

Have real-time screenwriting sessions from talented and diverse producers and learn to write great storylines worth buying.



Getting started is as easy as completing the application, hopping on a video interview, and putting your best foot forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Screenwriters may apply by submitting a script and application on our website.

Yes, anyone can apply, but space is limited and each application and writing sample will be thoroughly evaluated based on the current market and overall writing skill.

We will send you an email once your application is successful.

Yes, you can invite your other peers using your peer-invite only. They will have to complete the application process, and if successful, they can join the WoWriters Room.