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  • Intensive Course For Originality In Film and TV.

    Learn how to generate fresh ideas and original concepts in your writing.

    By Melissa Butler



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Are you looking for a method to help you create original ideas/concepts for your next project? Is your current project just a rehash of a million different other films? Originality In Film and TV is the course for you. This course takes a "learn by doing" approach where you’ll learn a method to find/create original scripts.

What you will learn

tick markA process to create original ideas/concepts.

tick markHow to turn a familiar premise inside out?

tick markHow to subvert the obvious and expand?

Course Benefits

tick markDiscover a method of creating original script ideas/concepts.

tick markGive your next work a better chance at being optioned/purchased.

Course Content

what is and is not Original.

Learning what is and is not Original will help you lay the groundwork to write a compelling script. This session will help you understand what Originality is in screenwriting

Coming up with original ideas/concept

You will learn how to be original in your ideas and concepts. How originality isn't solely tied to ideas, most times, it is tied to your unique voice and perspective

What If? And then?

You will learn the “What If? And then?” part of creating original ideas and concepts.

Subvert the obvious and expand.

Learn how to subvert an idea and expand this idea into an original concept for your story.

Testing idea/concept for originality.

You will learn how to test for Originality in your script.

Developing idea/concept. The unexpected is necessary.

For every moment/scene in your script, there has to be an unexpected action, bit of dialogue, something that keeps the audience/reader engaged.

How to use the unexpected to elevate your idea/concept.

You will learn how to use the unexpected to elevate your idea/concept.

Who is this for:

Screenwriters who want to increase their chances of creating a marketable script.


Have an idea/concept or script or a script in progress.

Meet your Instructor

Melissa Butler is a writer/producer who began her screenwriting and film career behind the scenes on several films including Haunting Past, Sunflower Express, VR-20, and In Love with Hip Hop. With a Bachelor's in Film and a Master's in Creative Writing, Melissa specializes in screenplay development and polishing with a specific knack for crafting stories with production in mind. She has also published a series of chapbooks and novellas.Based in North Carolina, she works with clients to bring their concepts to the page and screen. She has had two features optioned, one of which is currently in development.
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Course FAQ

Do you have an issue that needs resolving? We’d love to help! Please see below for frequently asked questions and answers that will helpfully resolve them.

Each session is 1 hour long. However, you can watch the course afterward at your pace.

All sessions are interactive. The instructor will lecture for 20-30 mins, and in the remaining minutes, participants will have the opportunity to ask any questions. At the end of each session, participants will be assigned assignments to be worked on the following week and discussed the following session.

All sessions will be recorded, and at the end of each session an email containing a link to the session recording will be sent to you.

Participants can expect to spend about 12 hours a week in weekly sessions, working on weekly assignments, and incorporating lessons into their script. Participants should be prepared to present assignments in the following week's session.

Courses Schedule:

session icon4 Sessions

Sept 4th

Sept 11th

Sept 18th

Sept 25th

Sessions time: 12 PM EST

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time icon4 Hours